Fisichelli’s (fiz-a- kelly’s) Pastry Shop,Inc. was established in 1915 by Italian immigrant Orazio Fisichelli. Orazio ran the business until after World War II when he passed it on to his eldest son Frank. Frank successfully ran the business as a second generation owner/operator for 40+ years retiring in 1992. With no plan of succession in place Frank’s daughter Nina decided to continue the business,leaving her profession as a school teacher to become the the third generation owner/ operator of the pastry shop.

Nina continues her family legacy of providing top quality hand made products baked in the original brick oven.These products include:
  • Over thirty varieties of hand made cookies
  • Fisichelli’s famous soft biscotti’s in two flavors
  • Vanilla and chocolate pastaciotti’s
  • Cannoli’s,in four different flavors
  • Several different flavors of cakes for all occasions
  • A wide variety of pies
  • Fisichelli’s Famous Casada (Italian Rum Cake)
  • Along with a wide variety of cream pastries
Among the many improvements Nina has made to the business was the addition of shipping and on-line ordering allowing most of Fisichelli’s products to be shipped nationwide.